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     Faith, Hope & Charity was the issue game in now out-of-print Panzer Digest #11, covering the Air Battles over Malta, 1940-1941.  It is part of the Battle over Britain game series. The game is presented here in a new Zip Edition.  
     The game includes a 16-page illustrated rules booklet, Dogfight Display, Reference Card, two identical 12-plane counter sheets, and two identical 4-plane counter sheet (new to this edition).  Planes included on the main counter sheet are:  British Gloster Gladiator, Hawker Hurricane, and Welligton; Italian MC-200, CR-42, and SM-79; German Stuka, and Me-109E.  Planes on the secondary sheet are: British Hurricane (P-rating of 3), and Italian CR-42.  This edition is identical with the earlier edition appearing in Panzer Digest #11, except includes extra plane counter sheets.
     (For more information about the Battle over Britain game system, click on the Faith, Hope & Charity picture.  It is a two-player game, but is solitaire friendly.) 
     Also included as a bonus will be EXTRA PLANE SHEET A.Planes include:  Fairey Swordfish, Supermarine Seafire (Britain), Boomerang (Australia), Fokker D.XXI (Finland),  Storch, Ju-52 Tante Ju, Me-109E (Germany), MC-200 (Italy), and Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero (Japan).  All compatible with any game in the game series.

     Panzerschiff is a introductory level, low complexity, two-player game of World War II naval combat.  Authentically rated battleships and battlecruisers from Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, and the United States fight surface battles on the high seas.  The game was originally released in Panzer Digest, and this expanded second edition contains more ships, upgraded components, and advanced rules.
     The game includes a 16-page illustrated rules booklet, 24 color, thick card ship counters that need to be cut apart prior to play, color Reference Card, and small map.  Ships are rated for type, gun size, speed, and armor, and include the following ships:  Britain Hood, Prince of Wales, Rodney, King George VRenown, and Queen ElizabethGermany Bismarck, Tirpitz, Gneisenau, and ScharnhorstFrance Dunkerque, Strassbourg, and RichelieuItaly Littorio, V.Veneto, and RomaJapan Yamato, Kongo, Musashi, and NagatoUSA Iowa, Alaska, Missouri, and North Carolina.
     The game system is simple, sets up quickly and plays quickly (most scenarios can easily be completed in 15 or 20 minutes).  The game allows you to set up actual or hypothetical WW2 encounters involving battleships and play them to conclusion in a short period of time.

     This Expansion provides an additional 48 rated warships (BB, BC, PB, CA) to the standard Panzerschiff game.  (You must own Panzerschiff 2nd ed. to use this Expansion.)  Includes a 12-page illustrated rules booklet, Expansion Counter Set #1, and Expansion Counter Set #2.  The rules provide two new ship types (pocket battleships and heavy cruisers), adds ships from the Russian navy, and includes additonal optional rules (including "squadron rules" and Japanese Long Lance torpedoes).
     Ships included are:  Britain Revenge, Royal Oak, Warspite, Barham, Howe, Duke of York, Anson, Nelson, Repulse, Warspite, Malaya, Valiant, Resolution, Kent, and CumberlandGermany Graf Spee, Adm. Scheer, Lutzow, Prinz Eugen, and Adm. HipperFrance Suffren and AlgerieItaly Duilio, Andrea Doria, Trento, and TriesteJapan Mutsu, Haruna, Hiei, Kirihima, Kako, and AobaUSA Colorado, Maryland, West Virginia, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Washington, South Dakota, Indiana, Massachusetts, AlabamaGuam, Baltimore, and WichitaRussia Arkhangelsk, Kirov, and Voroshilov.
     Adding cruisers and additional ships adds versatility and fun to the game system. 
     Combat Leader: Volkssturm '45 is an expansion for the Combat Leader game system.  You must own the core rules for Combat Leader to use it.  It includes new counters for German Volkssturm troops, a new 1st line Russian squad, map 5, and instruction folder.  
     The new rules govern the use of Volkssturm in scenarios and include provisions for panzerfausts, improvised weapons (such as antique rifles, shotguns, and the MP 3008 machine pistol), as well as rule modifications to simulate the use of these citizen soldiers.  Scenario VKS-1 (Outskirts of Berlin) is also included, simulating fighting taking place in greater Berlin, May 1945.  
     While some Volkssturm units acquitted themselves well in battle, many others melted away after contact with the enemy.  These irregular troops faced desperate situations as best they could.  Using Volkssturm can also be an excellent play balance mechanism; allowing the better player to take the Germans against a novice Russian can make for an exciting contest.
     If you are a fan of the Combat Leader game system, you will enjoy what this expansion offers.
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